Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance is Inexpensive and Cover Your Car Insurance for a Short Period of TimeTemporary car insurance is great for a person that only plans on driving on specific dates. This type of policy will cover the driver the same as traditional car insurance. They will be protected with liability insurance, collision, and underinsured motorist protection. The cost of this insurance will vary based on location, make and model of the car, and how long a person will need the temporary coverage for.

Temporary car insurance is for people that need coverage for a couple of days or a few weeks. They need to be insured in order to drive and will not be behind the wheel long enough to carry a regular car insurance policy.

When You Need to Cover Your Car Temporarily?

There are many reasons why a person may need temporary coverage insurance. If the driver is changing insurance policies they still need to be covered. This insurance can be used for a couple of days between policies. Many people get this insurance when they are renting a car to go on a trip. Young college students that are home on break need coverage if they plan on driving. Temporary coverage can allow the student to be protected and end the coverage when they go back to school and are no longer driving. House guests can also get this insurance so they are covered while driving.

How to Find a Policy?

To get temporary car insurance a person needs to contact their current insurance agent. They can contact another insurance company of their agent does not offer a temporary insurance plan. A person can also go online and does an internet search for temporary car insurance. This will allow them to compare rates from different companies and read feedback from customers. Northwest Florida Insurance Group offers exceptional short term car insurance from some of the most reliable auto insurers in the USA. You can request quotes online for free and compare rate with us.

Guidelines and Requirements:

In order to get approved for a temporary policy a person must meet certain guidelines. In most cases these plans are only for drivers that are over the age of 21. A person must have a valid driving license and no more than six points on their license within a three year time period. A person has to have their license in good standing and it cannot be revoked for any reason. Also a person cannot have more than one at fault claim against their auto insurance in the past three years. This type of policy is not for a driver that will be using the car everyday for an extended period of time.

Temporary car insurance can provide coverage so a person can legally drive. This policy is for those that will be driving for a short period of time to make sure they have the coverage and protection they need when operating a motor vehicle.

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