Nitty-gritty of Finding Affordable One Day Car Insurance

One day insurance is just that, insurance for your vehicle lasting only a day or few days depending on the arrangement. While the majority of car insurance policies last years, one day car insurance or short term policies is available and easy to buy.

What are the Benefits?

Same day car insurance offers several benefits, the most important of which is the option to get coverage quickly. Regular auto insurance takes weeks to process, but here you get cover right after you buy it. Second, it provides you with peace of mind so you don’t have to worry while on the road. Short term car insurance can also be extended from one day up to 30 days, and you can get cover for mis-fuelling, dents, scratches and alloys. In other words it’s just like regular auto insurance without the hassle and long term wait.

How Do I Get One Day Car Insurance?

One Day Car Insurance Helps You to Cover Investment for Short PeriodGetting one day auto insurance is no different from regular insurance in that you just need to check out the features and offers and decide which is ideal. If you’re interested in finding affordable car insurance quotes we offer them here.

Once you’ve found a car insurance for a day, you have to fill up a short form and provide some information. The data required could vary, but expect something along the lines of the following.

  • Your name and address
  • Driver’s license information and driving history
  • Information about the car you want to insure
  • The date, time and duration you want the cover to last

When researching for affordable one day car insurance online, take a good look at the requirements as there may be more. Make sure you also have your car’s paperwork and ID just in case they’re needed.

How Does the Policy Work?

There are different types of short term car insurance policies, but the one thing they share in common is versatility. While most of them default to one day, it can be extended up to several days as mentioned earlier and when processed, provides cover for the car. The amount of coverage depends on the agreement you signed, but since it’s only temporary it does not need be a major issue.

The idea of getting temporary car insurance is a new concept for a lot of people, but as has been pointed out here, it makes a lot of sense in certain situations. Aside from those mentioned above, insuring for the short term is handy if your regular car is in the shop and you’re driving someone else’s.

Under these situations the solution is to have the car owner drive you or include you in their policy, either of which is impractical. In these cases you’re better off with temporary insurance and pay for what you require. This same thing can be said if you just bought a new car and still looking for long term insurance. If you don’t have insurance and need to drive the vehicle, why not get temporary insurance so if something happens you will be covered?

Do You Need Car Insurance for One Day?

Get Affordable One Day Car Insurance if You Only Need Coverage for the Same Day

This insurance is suitable for the following drivers and situations.

  • Young drivers: It’s a fact that insuring teenage and young drivers is expensive. If you’re young, don’t yet have your own car but allowed to drive that of your parents or friend, it makes more sense to buy a one day or short term auto insurance to cover your weekend trip.
  • For owners of classic cars: Owners of classic cars or super sports cars rarely use them as they serve as second or “weekend” car. If that’s the case with you, it might be to your benefit to take insurance for the short term just for the time you’re going to use the car.
  • New drivers: Car insurance for one day also suits drivers just learning the ropes and don’t have a lot of time to do the lessons. Since you’ll be driving only on occasion, you might be better off insuring for the short term as it is more affordable than a long term policy.
  • For emergency situations: In cases of emergency or when you’re going to use your car to move out, a one day insurance for car could come in handy as well.

How to Reduce the Policy Rate?

Before pointing out ways to reduce the cost of premium, we need to understand the factors that affect its cost. Generally speaking it’s the same as that of standard car insurance.

  • Driving record: If you’ve been involved in several accidents or multiple traffic violations, the cost goes up. If you have a good driving record, you’re probably going to get a discount.
  • The make and model of the car: A new sports car is going to cost more to insure than a regular car as the parts cost more and susceptible to accidents.
  • Security: cars with limited security features and no garage or storage have higher premiums.

As you can see, the factors that drive the cost of 1 day car insurance are similar to regular auto insurance. However the solutions are the same: install security features, drive safely and get an inexpensive car. Even if you’re a young driver, a good driving record is going to help when it comes to reducing the premium.

How to Find it Easily Online?

The most practical way is to get quotes online: There are literally thousands of car insurance companies offering some type of temporary insurance policy, and the most practical way to deal with it is to compare the cost with the service they are offering.

The demand for these types of insurance has increased through the years, but the Internet has made it possible to compare and research their features more effectively. Rather than spend all your time trying to look for these companies, check out our for one day car insurance quotes with us and you’ll find the most affordable policy.