One Day Car Insurance for New and Young Drivers

One Day Insurance for Young Car DriversThere comes a time when you need car insurance only for a single day. Perhaps you are going to a job interview, picking up some friends at the airport, or simply want to impress a person you are dating. Whatever the case may be, you can obtain one day car insurance for new drivers even if you do not own a vehicle.

This type of insurance is perfect for those who are renting or borrowing a vehicle for a single day as it provides the type of coverage needed without burdening your friend or paying extra rates at the rental counter.

1 Day Car Insurance for New Drivers Work – How does this Work?

There are many types of short term auto insurance policies that range in duration from a single day up to six months depending on your particular needs. The same rules and premiums apply to drivers in terms of their risk categories such as age, gender, driving record, and the like. While getting one day car insurance for young drivers is more expensive and somewhat more difficult depending on the insurance company, it can be achieved for those who qualify.

If you have not had your license suspended recently and have zero, one, or two auto insurance claims in the past three years, then you should qualify for receiving this type of insurance. However, it should be noted that each insurance company has their own rules and regulations for who qualifies for one day or short term insurance, so you will need to check with your insurance company and shop around to find the best rates.

Why You Need Single Day Car Insurance?

At first, it may seem like you are being overly cautious in getting car insurance for a single day. However, while it might seem that the odds of being in an accident are very low, the truth is that the chances remain the same each and every day that you drive. So, even if you are just under 21 years old, one day car insurance a smart way to protect you and the vehicle you drive just in case the worst should occur.

There are a number of good reasons why you should consider this type of insurance in order to stay financially safe;

  • Cover Repair Bills
  • Protection from Fire, Theft & Vandalism
  • Causing Harm to Other Persons Because of your Driving
  • Protection against Harm to Another Person’s Property

Basically, this type of insurance provides the protection you need just in case you are the cause of an accident that causes damage to another vehicle, property, or causes harm to individuals.

How to Purchase Car Insurance for a Single Day?

For experienced or provisional drivers, the best way to purchase one day car insurance is to shop around. This means searching through several online insurance company sites, filling out the short form, and receiving a free quote for their insurance. Does this look like a lot of work for you? Don’t worry; we can certainly help you to get free car insurance quotes from some most reliable insurers across the country.

In addition, if you work with an independent insurance agent they can offer their services in finding you the best quote for your needs.

You can save money by using a higher deductible or getting the minimum insurance required for your state.

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