FR44 Insurance in Florida

Getting convicted of a DUI in Florida is no joke. The penalties incurred are severe, and the law is not taking this type of offense lightly. Besides strict penalties such as fines, license suspensions and jail time, your insurance rates and insurance credibility are affected as well. The state of Florida requires FR44 insurance for individuals who are convicted of a DUI and plans to start driving again. This liability insurance puts limitations on the driver and in the process increases their insurance rate for a total of 5 years. Finding an insurance carrier that handles FR44 insurance cases are not typical, but many insurance companies do participate.

FR44 filing is necessary after DUI conviction in FloridaFR44 insurance puts a penalty burden on the convicted DUI driver, financially. If a driver has been charged with a DUI (both drugs and alcohol) or caught driving while a driver’s license is suspended due to a conviction both in-state and out of state, for the driver to start back driving on the road again, they must register for this certificate. This enables only a limited amount of insurance coverage and requires that the DUI offender pays a certain amount in certain limited increments as a punishment.

An offender that utilizes FR44 insurance must pay the entire yearly insurance policy all at once. This is made necessary as part of the punishment process issued by the state on the offender. The offender is forced to pay for this FR44 liability insurance, which is no less than $2500 a year. The featured policy, also, ensures that the DUI offender has enough insurance coverage to cover other drivers, as being a convicted DUI offender puts the insurance company at risk and, of course, raises a red flag on their chances of driving under the influence.

Coverage Limits:

The carrier must carry a 100/300/50 liability insurance coverage. This means $100,000 for bodily injury/death, $300,000 for bodily injury/death of two or more persons and $50,000 for property damage. The FR44 was created specifically to ensure that DUI convicted offenders carry enough coverage to supplement other drivers if an accident was to occur.

To get your license back after a suspension, in the state of Florida, you must acquire FR44 insurance and do so for an entire 3 years. The insurance company has forms available to submit to the DHSMV after FR44 insurance standards have been met on their end. The insurance provider will also notify the DHSMV if the offender has any problems with maintaining the insurance policy.

How to Find an Insurer?

Finding an insurance company that covers an FR44 liability plan is not the most difficult task to accomplish. Yes, many insurance companies refuse to take part in the policy, but there are numerous companies that do. Simply searching online aggregators is one way to find an insurance company who participates in the FR44 policy and additionally, calling insurance companies as well will get you to your goal. If you seek, you shall find the appropriate insurance company for you.

If you hire a designated driver and drink responsibly, you can easily prevent having to file the FR44 form. But, in the case that you do drive under the influence, if convicted, ask around or search (online) for the best insurance company that can offer you car insurance for your situation. Seek and you shall find.

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