Car Insurance for Foreign Drivers

The foreigners who visit in the USA for a short period of time either for business, tourism or other purposes will need to obtain car insurance if they want to drive a car or other motor vehicles. This article will help you to learn about car insurance for foreign drivers and how to get one in cheap rate. If you are looking for car insurance for just a day, click here.

Foreigners and Car Insurance:

There are many visitors to the United States every year and no matter how long they plan to stay; couple of weeks to a couple of months, they will need a method of transportation. This usually means they will want to rent a car. Just as citizens are required to have insurance to operate a vehicle, so are foreigners. If they rent a car, borrow one from a friend or if planning to stay longer and buy their own car; they will be required to have coverage under their own name.

Are there exceptions for foreigners getting car insurance?

Foreign Driver Car Insurance in the USANo, there are no exceptions for foreigners when it comes to having car insurance. All cars using the United States roadways are required to have auto insurance. There are some companies in other countries that will cover their drivers when they travel abroad, in this case the driver must have verification with them while operating a motor vehicle that the coverage extends to driving in the U.S. The Canadian and Mexican borders will be checked by the border patrol to ensure that any driver crossing into the United States has coverage that will cover them while driving on U.S. roads.

Documents Needed to drive a Vehicle in the United States:

All drivers on the roadways within the United States must be licensed. Foreign driver’s license may be accepted but only in written in English, if not then an International Driving Permit (IDP) is necessary. This is obtained from the foreigner’s country before they leave for the U.S. and translates the driver’s license into English so U.S. officials can read the information on the license. This will supplement a valid government-issued license so both the license from foreign country and IDP will be required if law enforcement ask to see license for any reason.

If IDP was not obtained before entering U.S., then application for United States Driving license is necessary. This is a lengthy process so alternate transportation may be necessary while waiting for paper work to go through.

How Foreigners Can Buy Car Insurance?

Without an American driver’s license it may be difficult to purchase auto insurance. Some companies will simply refuse anyone who does not have a valid U.S. driver’s license, others may ask for larger rates than they normally charge.

Researching insurance companies before traveling to the U.S. is suggested. This will inform the traveler of what requirements will need to be filled and estimate on costs.

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